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WordPress Is Really Simple To Use

As a CMS, WordPress is super-simple, intuitive and elegant to use, but is also robust. Most of our clients have mastered WordPress within a day. If you can use email, Facebook and online banking, you already know most of what you need to. We also provide professionally made video tutorials to teach you exactly how to operate your WordPress Website.

Any Developer Can Work On The Site Because It Is Open Source 

Instead of having 5 or 6 developers supporting your website, you have got over 10,000 developers who are part of a community working to constantly improve the product. You are not going to be stuck with a CMS that only one company can use. If you are unhappy with our pricing or service levels, you are able to move your website elsewhere. 

WordPress has a massive community of  developers and users. This means that virtually everything you can think of has already been built for WordPress. It is very rare to have things be developed from scratch, which keeps the costs down. There are literally thousands of plugins out there.

WordPress Is Flexible and Extendable

Flexibility allows us to build sites faster, meaning more of your budget is focused on design and user experience rather than programming and debugging. The community has made it extendable, meaning that everything you can think of has already been built, which speeds up development.

WordPress Is Here To Stay

There are over 54 million WordPress sites out there, and it is used by The New York Times, Ford, CNN and even the UK Prime Minister. This is not a bleeding edge technology that will have disappeared in 6 months time. The large community means it is here to stay and will constantly be improved.

Microsoft decided during 2010 to stop development on its own blogging platform and move its 30 million users over to using WordPress.

Providing a great blogging experience

As we looked at customers’ blogging needs and what different companies were providing, we were particularly  interested in what WordPress.com is doing. They have a host of impressive capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading spam protection, to great personalization and customization. WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress.com is seen by over 250 million people every month. Not only that, Automattic is a company filled with great people focused on improving blogging experiences. So rather than having Windows Live invest in a competing blogging service, we decided the best thing we could do for our customers was to give them a great blogging solution through WordPress.com.  

Dharmesh Mehta (Windows Live Product Manager), Inside Windows Live, 27 September 2010.

WordPress now powers over 18% of the web, is used on over 54 million sites. It is the most popular content management system with 58% market share. (source)

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