Using smart online strategies to reach a broader international audience for your business

by | Sep 28, 2015 | E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Using smart online strategies to reach a broader international audience for your business

Reaching new audiences should be a priority for any business owner with serious ambitions for the future. For a business to grow, develop and reach its full potential, it is rarely enough to simply continue what one has always done and maintain relationships with existing customers and clients.

The internet has been responsible for some of the most dramatic changes in how we lead our lives today, including how businesses are run. Online tactics invariably form a central part of any modern marketing strategy, because they provide a unique platform for communicating with new audiences that may previously have been out of reach.

A Solid E-Commerce Strategy

Step one is to develop a solid E-Commerce strategy, and while doing so, put some measures in place to make sure that you and your colleagues stick to it.

You can take inspiration from international business figures like Lord Laidlaw, who has successfully gained access to international markets and significant new audiences through the application of smart business strategies. In a move that made the news in July 2013, Lord Laidlaw auctioned the cars in his substantial collection, after making the decision to stop motor racing. This is one example of the sort of pragmatism and forward-thinking that has helped him become recognised as an internationally successful businessman.

  • What are your business ambitions? Make sure that you consider everything in the context of what you want your business to achieve and use this as the starting point for decisions. This way, everything becomes part of a bigger picture.
  • What online marketing tools should you use? The number of options here is enormous. Some of the most popular approaches in this area are high-impact mass email campaigns, online articles with the application of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social media platforms.
  • Who do you need to tell? If you have a team of people, however small, make sure they totally understand the part they need to play. Also, try to make sure that they are motivated to do so. Invest in the appropriate training, and whenever possible, include them in decisions to ensure maximum engagement.
  • What are the risks? In order to successfully market your business internationally, there are some significant challenges that must be overcome beyond learning what tools to use and how to use them. Equal attention must be given to content to help ensure that cultural and linguistic differences between countries do not generate unhelpful blockers.

Preparing for the Future

While it is impossible to predict with complete accuracy what the future may hold in any industry or profession, most specialists agree that online platforms provide some of the most effective means for a business to reach new audiences, particularly those located overseas. It is also widely believed that the most exciting new developments in marketing are coming out of this area. With that in mind, business owners who want to be part of this exciting new future must make sure that they are investing the necessary time, attention and resources to online strategies.

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