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by | Jun 17, 2014 | NettMail

NettMail is a new bulk email solution offering by NettSite, which makes use of WordPress and the MailPoet WordPress plugin.NettMail MailPoet Bulk Email Solution

  • Post notifications & autoresponders: Send your latest post automatically tonight, tomorrow, next week or month. Maybe you want to send a welcome message 2 days after a new subscriber joins.
  • Drag & Drop your content: Simply drop your articles, images, dividers and free form text. Move them around at will. Edit as you wish. Get a decaf, sip away, and get a good night sleep.
  • Pick over 50 Themes or design your own: Pick a theme. Modify the fonts and colors. Drop your logo. That’s it. You’re a designer? MailPoet takes care of the HTML. You don’t have to. Our themes are super simple.
  • Super easy configuration: Out-of-box. We worked really hard to make our plugin as easy as possible to setup. You can send your first newsletter in no time.
  • Statistics for Opened, clicked, bounced & unsubscribed: Don’t email blind. See how your subscribers behave. These numbers will help you improve the content of your emails. Crown your content because it’s King.
  • MailPoet displays your newsletters consistently across 30 email clients, including mobile phones: We tested our plugin with Litmus, so you don’t have to. Clean.

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