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There are millions of websites that go online every day, each of those websites need a design. Some are built by agencies or freelancers who were commissioned, others are built through website creators such as, a free website builder.

Since its inception, Wix has forever changed the web by building a platform to empower individuals with no coding or design skills to build their own custom websites absolutely free. Currently with its 50 Million users and growing at an average rate of 45,000 new signups a day…Wix currently employs 550 people across 5 offices located in Tel Aviv (HQ), New York, San Francisco, Dnepropetrovsk, Vilnius. Wix is ever growing and improving their products to be the best website builder on the web, let’s dive in a little deeper into what Wix offers.

Ease of Use

Wix offers a really simple platform to work on, with features that surpass the capabilities of average designers and developers. Helping you setup a beautiful, professional website in no time at all. Wix guides you through every step of the way with their functionality guides and unique way of approaching the design process.

100’s of Templates to Choose from

Wix has you starting off with having you pick out a template from 100’s of free website templates for your new website. You can go with a blank template that helps you build your website from scratch or you can choose from 100’s of pre-made templates that will help you develop your new website. Let’s have a look at some of the templates.






Free Vs Premium

The value of Wix can be seen right from the beginning with Wix being totally free. Obviously like any other company Wix does have to produce turnover to show a profit to keep investors happy and their company growing. Wix does have premium plans that start at a low price of only ,08 per month(annual plan). With the premium plans you are able to connect your Wix website to a totally custom domain and when upgrading your premium plan, you are entitled to more storage, the removing of wix ads and tons of other features. Even for a low fee of per month, you can’t compare what you get with Wix to any other hosting provider out there.

Need Website Inspiration? Wix has you covered

You ran into a brick wall designing and populating your new website? Wix is here to help. With a full gallery of the most beautiful websites built with Wix, you can quickly garner up some newly found inspiration to set your site apart from the rest. Focusing on quality at its best.

Wix Offers Domain Names

Yes, that’s right. When you’re ready to get your domain name and registration for your newly created website, Wix can help you find the perfect one. With a simple tool to help you find and craft your perfect domain name, Wix really has you covered on every aspect when it comes to building and managing your own website. Check it out.

Start Building Today!

What I mentioned above doesn’t really even scratch the surface of what’s available whilst using Wix. You will have to find out for yourself and be blown away by the awesome services at hand by one of the most innovating website builder companies in the world. If your curiosity can’t take it anymore, take the leap of faith and trust us in saying that you MUST TRY WIX OUT.


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