Business Website Benefits for SME’s

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Business Website Benefits for SME's

Are you a small business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur? Or aspiring to be one? Then you’ve probably given the issues of advertising and having a business website some thought.

Maybe you’ve wondered whether word-of-mouth referral is enough. What about traditional media ads? A Facebook business page? With all the options available to you, do you really need a business website?

The Australian ‘micro business community’ website, Flying Solo, encourages some of these as ‘important tools and platforms’. But it warns they can be ‘expensive and ineffective if you haven’t got solid foundations for your online presence. Building a quality business website is the first step to ensuring you get the most out of online promotion‘.

But why? What are the benefits of having a business website?

1. You Will be More Competitive with a Business Website

Results from the annual SME Survey 2012 show that having a business website goes hand in hand with the success of the business. SMEs (small and medium enterprises) with business websites are far more likely to be highly profitable. What’s more: if you don’t have a business website, the very survival of the business is at risk. Potential clients/customers want to find you online first.

Stats from the Survey:

  • Did you know that in 2012, SMEs created roughly 7.8 million jobs in SA? If not for the websites of these SMEs, 1.56 million jobs would be at risk. According to World Wide Worx (which conducted the SME Survey), that’s to say: about ‘150 000 SMEs would not be able to survive without their Web presence’.
  • In 2012, a high 410 000 or 63% of SMEs had their own business website. Is yours one of them? Or are you losing business to those who can be found online (and, by extension, on mobile phones)?
  • The survey shows that 72% of SMEs older than 10 years are online, but where SMEs are younger than three years, only 46% are online.
  • And yet principal researcher for the survey, Arthur Goldstucks, says, ‘Nearly one in every two start-ups either have a business website when they launch or soon after.
  • Fourty-five percent of survey respondents with a business website believe they are highly competitive, but only 38% of respondents without one believe the same. What’s more:  27% of SMEs with business websites ‘are strongly profitable’;  yet ‘only 11 percent of those without can claim the same’.
  • Of those SMEs with business websites, IT and telecoms SMEs are in the lead (with 89% of them having websites). Tourism and transportation SMEs are not far behind, with 76% having business websites. In the financial services sector, though, only 44% have an online presence. This is due to their current profitability. However, if they remain offline, ‘they will find themselves at an ever-increasing disadvantage’.

2. A Business Website Can Lower Your Expenses

And the bottom line here is: more profit for you.

With a business website, the cost of market research is minimal, because in-depth website statistics and tools like visitor polls allow you to do your own research into your target audience.

So a business website will make you more competitive and you’ll save on costs in unexpected ways. Quality is essential, though. With easy-to-use themes and widgets, and sexy plugins, WordPress makes it easy for you to create a professional, quality business website. If you prefer, NettSite will take care of the set-up for you, at a fraction of what you would usually pay for similar services. Find out more about packages and pricing here.

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