7 Actionable Ideas to Cut Corners on Internet Safety

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Cut Corners on Internet Safety

When we talk about Internet Safety, the first things that come to one’s mind are probably VPNs, antivirus programs, password managers, firewalls, secure cloud storage. You may reckon that all that stuff costs an arm and a leg. Well… sometimes it is true. But what if I tell you that you may secure your correspondence, files, and data with a minimal expense, and even better, it may not cost you a dime? Yes, Internet privacy and security can be cheap or even free – I`m going to prove it!

Free antiviruses are the way out

If you are a Windows user, make a point of WindowsDefender, formerly known as Microsoft AntiSpyware. It is a free antivirus that comes preinstalled with Windows 7, 8, 10. It includes several security agents that monitor several common areas of the operating system for changes that might have been caused by spyware and viruses. For Mac users there is a good free alternative as well – BitDefender that is available both on Windows and Mac.

Make a profit of a VPN`s free trial

Some of the VPN providers such as ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, Windscribe, VyprVPN offers a free trial period to their users. It is better than a free version since it allows you to benefit from all the features of a paid version for a definite period (often 30 days). A great number of locations, more bandwidth, more special features (as double encryption) will become available for you.

Use a VPN to prolong your antivirus trial

If you ever took an interest in Internet security issues, so you are probably familiar with VPNs. A Virtual Private Network can spoof your location, changing the real IP address. So nobody (except your VPN provider) will know where you actually are. So you can pretend another person to get a trial period for your antivirus software once again.

Use SurfShark for unlimited simultaneous connections

If you use more than one device, there is no point in paying an individual subscription for each of them. Some providers allow using many devices per single account simultaneously. The more, the better! For example, Surfshark VPN is really useful if you are replete with devices since it allows for an unlimited number of connections. However, SurfShark is far from being hassle-free, so I recommend to scrutinize VPN reviews to know what provider you are dealing with.

Turn of your antivirus` autorenewal

If you have bought a paid antivirus, it is likely to set up to renew the subscription automatically. When the paid period is over, you may surprise where did your money go. To prevent such an unpleasant surprise, you’d better turn autorenewal off and wait for a discount instead, which there almost certainly will be. Ditto with your VPN as well.

Use a free password manager

Are you sure that your password is secure and well hidden? If you do not want to groan every time you need to create and remember your passwords to various accounts, use free password manager, then. For example, LastPass is 100% free. It is designed to store encrypted passwords online. All the information is protected with AES-256 encryption (the advanced standard that is used to encrypt over 50% of all data globally).

Don`t trust Google, use DuckDuckGo instead

The most popular Google search engine is far from being a privacy respecter. The fact is that Google collects too much information about your Internet sessions in order to provide you with matching ads. DuckDuckGo seems does not log users` activity, as well as cookies which it can keep in case of emergency.

For more tips on how to cut corners on internet safety including a bonus chapter on how to save even more money by using your Net security tools, click the link below:


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